The cartoons, photographs and Poems I place on this sight are my own originals. My art work, my ideas, and my camera. The jokes I place are nothing more than jokes that are some of my favorites. I do not claim in any way that the jokes are mine!

Sep 21, 2010

June Bug

Face to face with a June Bug. Kind of reminds me of a tank.

Sep 10, 2010

New Jeans Idea

The Working Man's Jeans

I have been doing a bit of work lately where I have had to get on my knees on a hard floor. I kept wishing I had remembered to bring knee pads. By the end of the day, my knees had patches where the skin had burnt off from rubbing against the material of my jeans as I moved around. Those burns as well as the thoroughly bruised knees made me realize how good my idea was. The Working Mans Jeans.

The Working Man's Jeans are jeans that have a pocket sewn on the inside of the knees of each leg. The Jeans will come with a soft rubber pad that fits neatly inside of each pocket. This way, when the person wearing these jeans has to get on his/her knees to work on a floor or a low positioned job, their knees will fall safely on a pad. Yet these Jeans will free people up from the annoying and constricting standard knee pads that workers need to put on.

This idea of the Working Mans Jeans will keep a person healthier (less knee problems), be more comfortable than regular knee pads, and look a lot more casual than putting on knee pads. There are a lot of working men out there who can use these!

I know posting my ideas for new inventions can lead to them being stolen. You know what? I will probably never get anywhere with them myself. I have had several ideas in the past. One idea I actually checked into getting it patented. They told me $500 just to do a patent search. To get it patented, developed, sold, it would take thousands of dollars. I have news for you. I don't have a hundred dollars to spend! So my opinion is that if I can never do anything with it anyways, why not put the idea out there and hope someone will use it and play honest with me and cut me in on the money? A small chance of getting rich is sure a lot better than no chance at all.

Aug 10, 2010

Splash in Lake

Took a picture of a rock tossed into my Mother's lake. There just seems something peaceful about this photo.